Truck driving delivers Adam new start

December 1, 2021 BY

Disability Employment Services (DES) provider WDEA Works Geelong helped Adam find his feet and employment as a truck driver.

IT’S been a tough three years, but Adam is slowly beginning to feel like himself again.

In 2018, while living in WA and working in the mines Adam was shaken by an unexpected and relentless workplace bullying experience that destroyed his confidence, causing severe anxiety and depression.

“For a while, I just pretended that I was okay, like everyone I had bills to pay so I keep working,” he said.

“By the time the workplace bullying was investigated, it was too late, I was a shell of myself and knew that I needed more than a ‘couple of days off work’.

“With a lack of support, I moved back to Geelong. Here I have family and knew could be away from the situation I had found myself in, I had no idea what had happened to me.”

Adam enlisted the support of Disability Employment Services (DES) provider WDEA Works Geelong to help him find his feet again.

Supported by employment consultants Denise and Jennifer (Jen); Adam began to talk about his experience, helping him to process how the bullying had impacted him.

“I am happy that Adam was able to feel comfortable chatting with us,” Jen said.

“Many people don’t realise that mental health can be classified as a disability and there are supports out there to help people find their way into the right role in the workforce.

“As an employment provider we know that people often need to feel job-ready before they take this step.”

Adam said: “They’re both so easy to talk to, they make me feel at ease and it was just nice to have a conversation after spending so much time on my own. They made me feel reassured and supported.”

As someone who is motivated and hardworking, Adam found it difficult to allow himself the time to heal from his experience.

“I knew what I was capable of (as an employee) and it was frustrating not to bounce back to the person I was before the bullying,” he said.
Adam shares a co-parenting arrangement for his two kids and is a proud dad.

“I have a great relationship with my kids and their mum. We co-parent and communicate really well despite no longer being in a relationship,” he said.

“Like any single parent, I needed to find employment that worked with school pick-up and drop-off so I could still be there for my kids. That’s when we found this role as a truck driver delivering gas.”

Jen was thrilled to hear Adam found a role he was interested in and WDEA Works supported him to get his Dangerous Goods Licence.

Adam got the job and has been kicking goals ever since he started in July 2021. Initially working part-time Adam quickly impressed his employer and has picked up full-time work.

His employment has allowed Adam to move into a lovely home close to his kids. “I call it my mini-mansion,” he joked.

Adam is also enjoying his work. “I love driving the truck around every day. I deliver gas out to local farmers; I get to chat with great people and meet some interesting characters. After 12 years in the mines, it’s such a nice change of a working environment,” he said.

Jen is happy Adam has been able to get back on his feet and is still there to provide support should Adam need it.

“He’s a new person from when I first met him,” Jen said

“He’s full of energy and so happy. I’m so proud he’s achieved so much these past few months. His new house is beautiful and he’s making plans and setting goals. I cannot wait to see what his future looks like,” she said.