A few Tricketts up Highton CC’s sleeve

November 18, 2021 BY

The Trickett family featuring mother Kate, eldest son Riley and father Dale. Photo: SUPPLIED

THE Trickett family of the Highton Cricket Club is one of only a few father-mother-son combinations getting excited for the 2021/22 cricket season.

Cricket clubs around the region are gearing up for the start of the season at all levels and so are the families within them, as is the case for the Trickett family where everyone is getting in on the action.

Father Dale, mother Kate and son Riley competed in an intra-club practice match prior to the beginning of the season.

This was a moment to which the clan could not help but feel a bit of pride.

“We were all playing on the same side,” Dale said.

“I was hoping to have a bat with either Kate or Riley but that didn’t happen. It was a fun day overall playing with the family and everyone got involved which was fantastic.”

Dale is a member of Highton’s eighth side for one-day cricket, whereas Kate has signed on as a full-time member of the club’s female side in the Barwon Women’s Cricket Competition’s first division.

Eldest son Riley is a proud member of Highton’s Under 15s Shaw side.

Kate enters Highton’s top female side at an encouraging time for women’s cricket across the region, as female participation is skyrocketing.

“It’s really exciting,” Kate said.

“Cricket is a sport that anyone can play and we have a wide range of ages here at Highton from teens to late-40s to be polite, and a wide array of fitness. That’s why it has got that great appeal.

“I don’t know why it was ever just a boys’ sport, it is so accessible to play and again I am really excited that Highton has been put up into A grade. It’s going to be a fun season.”

With more female cricket participation occurring throughout the Barwon region, the number of mother-father-son combos is set to increase.

But for 13-year-old Riley, Highton CC has provided great social connections to him and his family.

“It is a really encouraging club,” Riley said.

“The club helps you out and it is really fun playing with all the boys in the team.”

Riley also mentioned he wants to be like his dad amongst the local senior sides in the future.

“Highton is a very family-friendly club and I think you’ll find most clubs are,” Dale added.

“But what we have found with Highton is from the basic juniors through to their senior sides, each player is looked after equally and the coaches pay attention to everyone no matter what an individual’s abilities are.”

Dale and Kate have two other sons at the club. Drew, 10, is part of Highton’s Under 11s side and seven-year-old Ned participates in Highton’s Woolworths Master Blasters program.

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