GDFNL clubs vote to skip straight to finals

August 10, 2021 BY

Inverleigh are presently sitting on top of the 2021 GDFNL seniors ladder. Photo: MARCEL BERENS/SPORTS MEDIA IMAGES

THERE will be no more games in the Geelong and District Football and Netball League (GDFNL) regular season for this year, with most clubs voting to start the finals on August 21.

The lifting of the COVID-19 lockdown in regional Victoria earlier this week meant that community sport can again take place.

The 16th and last round of the 2021 GDFNL season was scheduled to be played this weekend, but there were immediate complications as Melbourne-based club Werribee Centrals is not only still in lockdown but also eligible to play finals.

GDFNL president Neville Whitley asked all clubs about their preferences about the rest of the season,, and sent out a response this morning.

“At this stage there will be no more home and away games for season 2021 as the majority of you requested,” Mr Whitely wrote.

“As you would be aware… difficult decisions have to be made to keep the competition viable and our finals alive (as) all clubs are affected by these decisions.

“If lockdown still continues in (the) metropolitan area, we will have to visit our finals structure at a later date.”

As it stands, the final five in the GDFNL seniors are (in order) Inverleigh, Bannockburn, Bell Post Hill, Werribee Centrals and East Geelong.

If finals were to start with this order, Inverleigh would have the bye as minor premier, Bannockburn would play Bell Post Hill, and Werribee Centrals would play East Geelong.


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