My Big Catch: Where can I fish?

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This picture provided by the St Leonards Angling & Bellarine Pirates Angling Club is of Jesse Paech, who fished with his dad Matt off St Leonard’s and caught this nice whiting during the recent Bellarine Whiting Classic.

AFTER the reports over the last few days including people travelling outside their region to go fishing, I figured a new update was probably worth it.
So please see below to hear the latest news I have available.
Under the reinstated Stage 3 stay at home restrictions that apply to metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire, fishing and boating is a permitted activity with the following restrictions:
If you live in metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire, you should not travel further than you need to and you should use the fishing spot closest to your home.
You cannot travel outside of metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire to go boating and fishing. You should stay as close to home as possible.
If you live outside of metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire, existing restrictions still apply – but you cannot travel into metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire to go boating and fishing.
It’s critical you keep 1.5 metres between yourself and others on land and on-board vessels, and you practise good hygiene.
While bays and oceans are outside the restricted area, they will be treated as a mixed zone. This means, providing physical distancing and numbers requirements are met:
All boats launched within metropolitan Melbourne must be retrieved back in metropolitan Melbourne, and vice versa for the rest of Victoria.
Boats launched within metropolitan Melbourne must not land outside of metro Melbourne, and vice versa for the rest of Victoria.
However, you should stay as close to home as possible. You cannot drive a long way from your home to do launch your boat, if it can be done closer to home. Day trips are not considered reasonable travel
for recreation.
NSW has updated its Murray River maritime rules to help slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).
The NSW border starts from the high water mark on the Victorian side of the Murray River.
People currently in Victoria who intend to enter NSW waters using a vessel on the Murray River must have a permit.
This applies to each person on board a vessel entering NSW waters from Victoria, and all recreational and commercial vessels, including houseboats.
NSW Police are enforcing border entry requirements.
You can apply for a border entry permit via Service NSW here:
Further information about NSW border restrictions can be found here:
Charter boats may operate, as long as they observe physical distancing measures.
Boat ramps, piers, jetties, and other marine infrastructure remain open in metropolitan Melbourne, Mitchel Shire and many parts of regional Victoria. This includes members of private based facilities.
Recreational boating includes using personal watercraft/jet ski and powered vessels for transportation or fishing, water skiing, wake sports, sailing, kayaking, wind surfing, kiteboarding or paddle sports.
Activities to enable safe recreational fishing and boating are also allowed including:
Travel to a dealership or retail store to purchase boating or fishing equipment
Accessing a vessel at a marina or on a mooring to maintain, service or check on systems and make sure it is safe and compliant (per legal obligations to do so)
Take a vessel to a marina or boat shed for repairs or servicing
Pick up vessel from a marina or boat shed after servicing
Pick up a vessel that you have purchased from a dealer, broker or person and tow it home.
Victoria Police are issuing on-the-spot fines of up to $1,652 for individuals and up to $9,913 for Victorian businesses for failing to adhere to directives.
I would also like to remind everyone also to keep those photos coming in of your own big catch!
We will now even take older photos of your big catch previously if they have not yet been published
Photos Please forward them to the email address below, with type of fish, weight, length, location, and your name. I am more than happy to place your photos in My Big Catch. Email photos to [email protected]

Weather conditions are still influencing catches

The odd few whiting are still being caught
Small undersize pinkies where being reported
The occasional gummy shark is still being caught
A few flathead are still being caught
A few salmon are still being caught off the local beaches.
Thanks to the Rusty Anglers Angling Club Anglesea

Barwon Heads
Reports out of Ocean Grove are pretty much the same when fishos can get out
Reports of the occasional snapper continue
Some reports of tuna caught between Barwon Heads and Port Philips Head
Still a few reports of flathead
A few whiting offshore
A few salmon are being reported
Reports of a few whiting and trevally in the river.
Reports compliments of the Ocean Grove Angling Club

Weather is still having an effect on fishing
A few whiting have been reported
Some small pinkies and snapper have been reported
A few flathead reports continue
A few gummy sharks and some school shark have been reported
Some salmon off local beaches
Small Bream still reported in Spring Creek.
Reports compliments of the Torquay Angling Club

St Leonards is still reporting a few King George whiting, flathead, squid, as well as a few garfish and snapper
Clifton Springs is still producing reports of a few snapper, whiting, calamari, gummy shark, and a few flathead
Queenscliff reports a few whiting, trevally, flathead, as well as a few squid
The creek is reported to be producing a few trevally and salmon
Swan Bay reports consist of a few calamari, whiting and flathead still near the mouth
Point Lonsdale reports a few salmon, trevally, whiting and snapper
The White Lady still producing a few whiting, calamari, and snapper
Indented Head is still seeing reports a few flathead, King George whiting, snapper and calamari.

Fishing Club Corner
If you are an angling club and you wish to let people know what’s going on within your club as well as help promote your club, just email [email protected] and we will post your club news here.

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