Nicol hopes his powerful legacy continues

June 25, 2020 BY

Jye Walker (left) will take over as coach after the departure of Rory Nicol (right).

AFTER overseeing the transformation of Newcomb from competition whipping boy to again being a relevant member of the BFL, Rory Nicol has stepped down as coach.
Nicol, who guided the fortunes of the Power for four seasons, announced late last week he wouldn’t be sharing the role with Jye Walker in 2021.
“It’s stage two now,” Nicol said. “I’ve completed stage one and got them to the point where I wanted it to be – where I set out for it to be when I took on the role.
“Now it’s the start of stage two, and I don’t see the benefits of me being step one of stage two. I think Jye needs to find somebody to assist him that will stick out stage two.
“If Jye’s going to do a four-to-five year tenure like he says he will, then I think they’ve got to find someone that’s going to do two to three years with him.
“I erred on the side of not sticking around too long and overstaying my welcome and the players getting sick of me.
“I just think step one of stage two; they’ll progress further with a fresh face.”
When Nicol joined the club ahead of the 2016 season, they had been winless since Round 10, 2013 and were beaten by an average of 214 points in 2015.
While his 72 matches in charge yielded only nine wins and a heartbreaking draw against Queenscliff in Round 2, 2017, coaching Newcomb wasn’t about the four points on a Saturday afternoon for Nicol.
“Come game day, I’m competitive, and I wanted to win,” he said. “But it was all about changing the brand and what people perceived that brand to be.
“I think we’re now looked at as a really hardworking footy club with good people, and that’s all I ever wanted it to be, and that’s where it is now.
“It’s Jye’s time to continue the legacy – and I know he will.
“He’s a great man with great values, and he’s going to do a bloody good job.”
Nicol is confident he has something to offer another club, but at this stage isn’t sure whether he’ll coach again.
“I’m looking for a new challenge … something to get me out of my comfort zone again,” he said.
“That might not be football – it might be something to do with business. That’s the exciting thing; I’m not locked into anything.
“I’m happy to explore options and see what’s out there for me.”
Meanwhile, Kane Tenace will continue as senior coach of Geelong Amateur.
The former Geelong speedster is keen to build on an impressive first year in charge, in which Ammos claimed the minor premiership before being knocked out of the race for the flag in the preliminary final.
Tenace said working on the club’s list was his first priority.
“We were very, very happy with where our listed ended up this year, so it’s about trying to make sure we keep that group together.
“We’ve got a lot of good young talent that came a long way last year, and it’s about getting those guys together, plus the new guys we got in.
“But, I’m not too sure how many of those guys will want to be talking about next right at this point in time.”
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