Tennis In Geelong: Tennis resumes

July 16, 2020 BY

At Barwon Heads, grade 4 junior players from Barwon Heads and Grovedale.

TENNIS Geelong’s winter tennis competition finally got going on Saturday, July 11, after a long period of uncertainly as to whether it would actually happen at all!
Tennis In Geelong’s Phil Hunt had a good morning’s travel, first calling into Barwon Heads for junior matches, where the ’Heads played Grovedale in grade 4 boys, while they tackled Wandana Heights in grade 8 boys.

Geelong Lawn grade 1 girls team, left to right, Shylah, Alex, Klara and Katie.

Then it was off to Geelong Lawn, which was a hive of activity with a number of matches in progress, both on plexi and on the en tout cas.
After a brief spell for lunch, Phil arrived at St. Mary’s courts on Thomson Reserve, for what turned out to be a most entertaining senior match, with the home side taking on a determined Grovedale combination.

Grade 1 boys, left to right, Lachlan, Lucas (Highton) with Ilija and Jake (Geelong Lawn).

Plenty of social distancing all round, no arvo tea for seniors, signing in, washing the hands – that’s the new order of play, at least until this current situation

St. Marys and Grovedale seniors show the meaning of social distancing.

Can’t keep the dedicated off the court though and they will all be there next week to play again in what will be a much-abbreviated season. Tennis In Geelong will be there too, so send your tennis photos and stories to [email protected].

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