The Impossible welcomes strong numbers, new winners

November 19, 2020 BY

Eventual women's open ski winner Maddie Hurst in action on Saturday. Photo: SYD SPENCER

THE sixth installment of the The Impossible ocean paddle race took place on the weekend and it delivered two new winners.

Torquay’s Ivor Morgan was the open men’s ski winner while Maddie Hurst won the open women’s ski. It was the first time Hurst had taken part in the event, while for local talent Morgan, he had previously competed and was absolutely stoked to take out the event in his own backyard.

The Impossible is an 18-kilometre ocean paddle race which starts in Torquay and finishes in Barwon Heads, via Point Impossible.

The event saw 70 competitors take part with the race beginning in a different fashion this year.

Competitors started the race in groups of 10 due to the present COVID-19 restrictions, as opposed to the usual flurry of a start with all paddlers taking off at once.

Race organizer Peter Currie said he was pleased with the amount of interest in the event and paid credit to everyone that made the race happen in trying circumstances throughout the year.

“We were lucky it run the race really with all COVID restrictions.

“I’m very pleased that it ran so smoothly.”

The race saw six jet skis and the coast watch boat make up the support crew, ensuring water safety was at a premium for competitors.

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