Compassionate and integrated healthcare

March 3, 2022 BY

Doctors at Karuna-maya Medicine include Dr Laura Rhode, Dr Harpreet Dhillon and Dr Darren Fahroedin.

OFFERING general practice and allied health services, Karuna-maya Medicine is a unique health centre that values real partnerships between practitioners and patients.

Located in Jan Juc, Karuna-maya Medicine is a place where old-school family doctor ideals are coupled with contemporary, compassionate care approaches.

As a patient, you want to be respected for what you already know about your own health and wellbeing.

You want to be given the time to be heard and to work in partnership with your GP, health practitioner or health team, to tailor your health care to match your unique needs.

The team at Karuna-maya Medicine has always believed in the importance of time in the practice of good medicine.

They value your time and offer a range of appointments from short, urgent, to long and complex.

Karuna-maya Medicine continues to honour this balance and appreciates through experience that ‘slow medicine’ is often the quickest path to fully understanding the underlying causes for illness and putting you back on the road to good health.

Karuna-maya Medicine, which was established in 2002 will be celebrating 20 years in Jan Juc and are excited to have two new Registrars joining the team, Dr Harpreet Dhillon and Dr Laura Rhodes both hailing from Canada.

They have been able to open up more appointment times to accommodate the needs of their growing community and improve access for families to see a doctor when they need to either in consult or via phone or video.

New patients are more than welcome.

The general practice has an exceptional team of allied health practitioners who view health and healing holistically, with a psychologist, osteopath, podiatrist and their new physiotherapist Emily Bradshaw.

To learn more, head to karunamedicine.com or book on 5261 4146.