Consulting firm helps businesses

March 3, 2022 BY

Over the past nine years, Carli Saw has built Strawberry Seed Consulting, a thriving boutique HR consultancy firm based in Torquay that supports small to medium business across Australia.

When Carli Saw made the decision to start her own business in May 2013, she was really just looking for a way to create a flexible job for herself and work around her three kids.

Carli said she never envisaged that her spur of the moment decision could result in the successful business she has today.

“With two parents that ran their own small business, I saw first-hand the difficulties they faced,” she said.

“So, I decided to bring my HR experience working with large corporates to small businesses that don’t have in house HR but still have the same issues when managing their people.”

Over the past nine years, Carli built Strawberry Seed Consulting, a thriving boutique HR consultancy firm based in Torquay that supports small to medium business across Australia.

The best part for Carli is that she now has a team of wonderful women that can also benefit from a flexible work life.

“All of our team, except for my 22-year-old daughter, are mothers,” Carli explains.

“I didn’t set out to hire that way, but when you offer true flexible part-time work, it opens up opportunities for women that want challenging professional work but also want to be there for their family.

“I love that I can offer that to my team.”

Strawberry Seed Consulting strives to make a positive impact on the lives of their clients.

Every day, their team feels privileged to share their knowledge and expertise to help others.

“We are honest, transparent, supportive, and genuinely care for the people who come to us for professional advice,” Carli said.

“Our team enjoy working with small business owners who want to treat their employees fairly and set up their HR processes to successfully manage their people in a way that sustains their business.

“We speak to you in a language you understand, without the technical jargon.”

Clients range from a sole trader hiring their first employee right through to medium-sized organisations looking for assistance with specific HR projects.

As a trusted advisor, Strawberry Seed Consulting get to know the business owner and their team, offering a personalised service when they need it.

Strawberry Seed Consulting provides support across four main areas:

Compliance – We ensure that our clients are getting the basics right around managing their people, including contracts of employment, award interpretation and benchmarking, and HR policies, systems and procedures

Growth – Advice and support with workforce planning, job design, position descriptions, recruitment and onboarding of staff

Performance – Delivery of training and development, performance management systems and advice on increasing the performance of your people, and

Fire Fighting – Support in the management of tricky day-to-day HR issues. From basic questions on how to manage leave through to terminations and everything in between, we are the right advice at the right time whenever our clients have an HR related question.

“We provide once-off ad hoc advice through to ongoing support packages, customised to the size and complexity of the business,” Carli said.

“Our current clients come from across Australia, working with industries including building and trade, retail, hospitality, allied health, professional services, and disability support.

“As every business is unique, we offer an obligation free initial meeting with all new clients (over coffee or video) to provide you with a customised proposal specific to your business needs.”