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March 3, 2022 BY

McCartney Real Estate celebrates Kirsty and Karen and their successes as females working within a generally dominant male industry.

With McCartney Real Estate starting trading as a family owned and operated local business in 1952, the success of McCartney Real Estate can be largely attributed to the wonderful people to which we employ.

Our highly qualified staff are extremely experienced and well versed in their roles. The values of the company and the MCRE team are based around honesty, integrity, and an endeavour to achieve excellence.

As ‘Agency of The Year’ award winners for Torquay for the past six years, we are thrilled to celebrate the amazing people that we employ who assist in advancing our success.

Priding herself on professionalism and integrity, Kirsty Pertzel is leading the way when it comes to success and excellence within the real estate industry.

After joining the McCartney Real Estate sales team in the middle of a global pandemic in August 2020, Kirsty’s introduction to the industry was a little less conventional
than most.

But her eagerness to succeed backed by her bubbly, down-to-earth personality ensured that she has not only settled into her new role effortlessly but was able to thrive in such a challenging environment.

Already with more than 75 sales to her name, of which a handful have exceeded client reserve or asking price by more than $300,000.

She has had some remarkable results to which can only be credited to her ability to find the “right fit” for her clients and to work with them to ensure genuine overall satisfaction; a skill that very few agents possess.

The company, while thrilled with its outstanding sales results in recent times, knows that the life blood of the company lies within the property management department, especially when the market begins to weaken.

With more than 20 years’ experience in real estate, Karen Skerke has been an integral part of the McCartney brand for the past eight years.

As our Head of Department of Property Management, Karen’s loyalty and commitment to the company is a rarity in today’s ever-changing industry, attributing to her wonderful character and high work ethic that her clients have come to love and expect of her.

Karen’s focus is to ensure that the interaction with her clients is both professional but also personal.

She works closely with her clients to ascertain their needs in order to be able to deliver a level of service that has earned her the reputation of one of Torquay’s most trusted and reliable property managers.

We are so proud of both Kirsty and Karen, whose successes as female agents within a generally dominant male industry, are something we are able to publicly recognise and celebrate.