Let Links Property find the right match

March 3, 2022 BY

The all-female Links Property team knows how it feels to fall in love with a home, a location, a view, a lifestyle, and a new opportunity.

Digital girls living in a digital world.

Links Property builds on decades of collective experience in real estate marketing and sales.

But it’s more than just experience, it’s also understanding that every real estate transaction profoundly changes the lives of all those involved.

The significance of a client’s home purchase or sale is at the heart of everything the Links Property team does.

Links Property provides complete property services; home sales, land sales and property management are their specialty.

Links Property reaches the towns of Torquay, Bellbrae, Lorne and the village Jan Juc – this is Links’ community; it’s where they know the market and are deeply connected.

The talented team is committed to every step of the real estate journey with clients, and their authenticity and passion for real estate is their strength.

From managing expectations, whether in person or virtual, to being a resource in the local industry, Links aims to make every experience enjoyable.

“At Links Property we love what we do. Linking you with a property you’ll love,” Links Property’s Lynne Hayden said.

The all-female team knows how it feels to fall in love with a home, a location, a view, a lifestyle, a new opportunity.

“Our wholehearted, attentive approach to home sales, land sales and property management is professional, meticulous, candid… and always flavoured with the understanding that how you ‘feel’ about a home eclipses all else,” Lynne said.

“Women communicate in a highly influential way about property, the home atmosphere and functionality.

“We understand how a home must meet your lifestyle demands and we know what buyers want from the thrill of architecture to the excitement of high tech.”

Links Property also recognises the home buying process is more emotional for some buyers and for others more rational.

“For practical reasons, women are the ultimate key decision-makers when it comes to purchasing a home,” Lynne said.

“So, it makes perfect sense to have women represent you and your property in the marketplace.

“Women love dealing with women when seeking out their real estate dream.”