More than just flexibility

March 3, 2022 BY

Accounting firm West Carr and Harvey gives staff, including Rose, left, and Christine, the opportunity to grow their careers and pursue individual goals.

CHRISTINE Pope believes that offering genuine opportunities for development is what helps young accountants build confidence and feel secure in their roles.

“Offering to pay for staff to learn and become qualified shouldn’t be based on how long you plan to stay with the firm,” she said.

“West Carr and Harvey invest in their people and allow us the opportunity to grow our careers on our own terms.”

Christine has certainly done just that. After joining the firm as a young qualified chartered accountant, she has since taken on the role of manager and in addition to her senior accounting work, also manages her own team of professionals and assists the wider firm with HR, IT and office management.

But it hasn’t all been smooth sailing for Christine. Before working at West Carr and Harvey, she learned the hard way of “what not to do” when managing staff.

“I remember being selected as one of a pool of females to be placed on an ‘office babysitting roster’ for one of the director’s children.”

As a result, with the full support of the directors of West Carr and Harvey, Christine now passionately advocates for the accountants who report to her as well as ensuring that all staff feel nurtured and protected in their roles.

Christine has an influential voice at the directors’ table and is highly regarded and respected across the firm.

While Rose Roberts appreciates the flexibility of her role at West Carr and Harvey, she values much more than that as an employee.

“For me, having flexible working options as a parent of young children is vital,” she said.

“But working at West Carr & Harvey is about much more than just flexibility. The people in our firm are afforded every opportunity to pursue their individual goals. And if things get busy – which they do – any additional work from staff is always recognised and rewarded.

“The thing I appreciate the most about working at West Carr and Harvey is feeling supported and having my voice heard – I know I can bring ideas to the table, be honest and campaign for change. Ultimately a valuable workplace is one where you feel valued as an individual.”

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