Sam creates a treasure trove at Gypsy & Co.

March 3, 2022 BY

Gypsy & Co. founder Sam Ryan has built her brand into a premier shopping and lifestyle destination.

From small beginnings in 2013, Sam Ryan has grown Surf Coast based brand and business Gypsy and Co into a must stop shop in Torquay.

What started with Sam selling a few pieces out of her study eventually evolved into an annual Gypsy & Co. Champagne and Shopping night.

Sam then sold her creations at market stalls including The Nightjar Market and developed a strong online presence before stepping out into her first bricks and mortar pop-up shop for 12 months in Pearl Street, Torquay.

Now Gypsy & Co. is a destination shop located in Bell Street for the past five years.

“I have always been creative and love different things. To design and create my own brand has been incredible,” Sam said.



“I design and manufacture leather accessories and unique jewellery and continue to work with the same artisans as I did in the beginning. As I have evolved, they have too and they work with me along the creative process to ensure my ideas come to life.

“I love the creative process from first idea or inspiration to sketch and final product.”

Sam says being surrounded by her designs and collections makes her feel “incredibly” lucky and that driving along out region’s stunning coastlines to start work each day as her own boss in her chosen career was empowering.

Sam’s Seaglass and Silver Signature Collection are designed and created from sea glass found along the shores of our Great Ocean Road coastline.

Each piece is tumbled by the ocean over many years and collected by Sam, or family and friends and preserved in silver forever.

“Sometimes I may find lots of glass other times very little. But the process of fossicking along our beaches is so enjoyable and almost meditative for me,” she said.

“Each piece is unique in colour, shape, size and design.

“I design rings, necklaces and earrings from these beautiful pieces.”

The talented creative has customers come from all over to take a memory of times spent along the region’s beaches back home and her seaglass designs have been sent all over the world.

Her pieces connect families and friends together and have become a local favourite for milestones or special occasion gifts.

“I stock many local Surf Coast and Australian brands, I enjoy collaborating with them and again creating something unique,” Sam said.

“It is such a great opportunity for me to support both established and up-and-coming artists and give them a space to display their products.

“We have so many creative people on the Surf Coast and surrounding areas and I love working with them and providing opportunities where I can.”

Gypsy & Co. also has a solid network of international products and suppliers, with stock carefully selected to ensure it aligns with the brand’s ethos, with Sam explaining that COVID has caused her to be very selective with the choices of whom and what is stocked.

“My style is my style,” Sam said.

“I love European and Bohemian styles. I love colour, textures and patterns just as much as I love black, sleek and stylish lines.

“You will always find something different each time you visit Gypsy & Co.

“We have introduced more art over the last few years due mainly to the connections I have made with these unique and talented artists.”

Gypsy & Co. has evolved into a lifestyle brand and destination retail space offering many different collections including sensory, books, home deco, ceramics, art, jewellery, leather accessories, clothing, hats, beach and outdoor essentials.

Gypsy & Co. is open seven days a week in Torquay and pride themselves on customer service.

“I love what I do and am proud of what I have created,” Sam said.

“See it. Love it. Buy it.”

Gypsy & Co. 2/7 Bell St Torquay | gypsyandco.com.au | @gypsyandco