Ballarat’s new bookshop opens a store in Brisbane!

March 12, 2022 BY

After opening in 2021 on Skipton Street in Ballarat, The Independent Book is expanding with a new location in Queensland.

THE Independent Bookstore opened its doors in Ballarat between lockdowns in 2021, and now it’s officially been announced the company is opening a new location in Brisbane as part of its growing chain for new Australian authors.

This strategic move is about expanding The Independent Bookstore’s network after the pandemic forced the closure many literary retailers around the country and made it even harder for those left to sustain the support of new authors and books in the crowded marketplace.

Likewise, contractual demands on resellers to buy stocks from major distribution and larger publishing houses from around the world, thereby creating price wars to sustain the shrinking industry was another catalyst for the expansion.

The expansion is part of a unique franchising model designed to support local authors in their own communities, so they can find and grow their audiences without being impeded upon by the big named book brands and global monopolies of the industry.

The Independent Bookstore chain will allow for new small business owners to gain a flexible low risk business model and be supported by a network of quality mid-level publishers who have committed to bringing new authors to the market and to compete for reader’s attentions in the retail space.

The support of online networks in social media and local communities will be key to a growing niche that new and emerging authors require to be further found and become the next voice of the literary world.

Shawline Publishing Group, the owner of The Independent Bookstores, has had no choice but to develop its own retail chain for its publications.

They know the industry will support the variety on offer, the great price points and the fact that events and campaigns will be created around, and for, the local communities of readers and book lovers all over the country.

The stores will also encompass the range of local products to help businesses be able to present and grow their own markets.

“The big chain bookshops have too many of the same books,” said Bradley Shaw, managing partner at the Independent Bookstore.

“They have all the same books and little to no room for anything more, we feel there are always new ways to bring books to readers.

“The keys to our store’s success will be locations, the price point, and the high publishing quality on offer.

“The publishing companies behind the stores have great buying power as a group and they can deliver higher print runs to reduce these costs and hence, will have the direct to market value that outlets will be able to enhance values for and give readers more to enjoy for less price.

“The books are available commercially all over the world for readers to find also, these stores are just another viewing option and especially for locals to meet the authors and support their artistic community. We are very excited by this potential in our business model.”

Shawline Publishing Group is also a major sponsor for this year’s Clunes Booktown Festival, and the Book of The Year Awards being announced in March.

There is a level of success to the group that indicates the potential for further achievements are more than possible.

The Independent Bookstore’s location in New Farm, Brisbane will be opening officially in May and we will look forward to seeing the growing interest of great new books by amazing new talents as the success continues.