Call goes out for new wave of job coaches

May 18, 2022 BY

A new employment services provider coming to town, aiming to transform the lives of Ballarat residents.

Asuria is seeking staff to help people find meaningful employment.

There’s a new employment services provider coming to town, aiming to transform the lives of people in Ballarat, and they’re looking for readers of the Ballarat Times and Golden Plains Times to join them.

Asuria has been helping people to reach their job and career goals for over 25 years, and from July, they’re going to be bringing their expertise to job seekers in Ballarat.

To make that happen, they’re opening up their doors to people interested in taking up new roles as job coaches/mentors, and support staff.

Job applicants don’t even need to have any experience in the employment services industry to be part of this new wave of first-class job coaches.

What makes a successful Asuria job coach/mentor is a combination of empathy, the ability to build relationships, a commitment to excellent customer service, and everyday office skills, with things like Microsoft Office, Word, or Excel.

More than anything though, Asuria is looking for people with a passion for helping others.

“At Asuria we’re all a part of something which we call Enterprising Heart, which really sums up what it’s like to be part of the company,” said Cynthia Jennings, an Asuria community engagement officer.

When it comes to what being an Asuria job coach/mentor, or community engagement officer, Ms Jennings said it’s about getting to know each client and working with them to find meaningful and rewarding employment.

“The way I help participants discover their dream roles is by really sitting down and getting to know them, building a rapport with them, and establishing trust and understanding,” she said.

On what people in Ballarat can get out of a career with Asuria, Ms Jennings said it’s also personally rewarding in so many ways.

“You’ll know when you’ve found your dream job, when you turn up every day wanting to put your best foot forward for the people you’re there to help. I’m very lucky because I’ve been able to find that with Asuria,” she said.

Job opportunities with Asuria are open now.

So if you’re interested in seeing if you have what it takes to be an Asurian, helping the people in your community to find and stay in work that matters, visit asuria.com.au/careers.