Increase your comfort this winter with Energy Tips!

June 14, 2022 BY

A new website is helping people become more energy efficient and reduce their electricity bills.

GEELONG Sustainability has launched a one stop directory to help you increase home comfort and reduce your energy usage!

Launched mid-June, just in time for the coldest winter months, the Energy Tips website is designed to increase comfort in your home or office, reduce your bills and carbon footprint.

The website not only provides information and training to help increase the comfort of your home, but also offers advice on reducing your power bills.

With the cost of electricity and gas increasing rapidly, the urgency to provide a free resource for the community is more important than ever.

Executive Officer for Geelong Sustainability, Dan Cowdell, acknowledges the need for more accessible information on energy efficiency.

“Housing in Australia has traditionally been built without much regard for energy efficiency,” he said.

“Many people are not sure where to start, so this website provides a really easy way to find out more information.”

The site includes information for renters and homeowners alike, featuring DIY videos that help people markedly improve the efficiency and comfort of homes and offices

To ensure they had the most relevant and up to date information on the website, Geelong Sustainability engaged Tim Forcey, a qualified home energy advisor with over 12 years experience providing advice to residents on how they can increase the efficiency and comfort of their homes.

He is also the creator of the rapidly growing Facebook group My Efficient Electric Home, which now has over 50,000 members.

“It was important for us to ensure the information we used on the website was accurate and up to date,” Mr Cowdell said.

“There is nobody more qualified to speak on this than Tim”.

The website was developed by the Community Power Hub Barwon South West, with funding from Sustainability Victoria on behalf of the Victorian Government.

Explore energytips.org.au today.