July’s new authors – Find them at The Independent Bookstore!

July 21, 2021 BY

WITH over 100 titles of high-quality books from local Australian authors only, we pride ourselves on letting new talents have a place in the market to showcase their work and gain 100 per cent return from sales of their book’s profits.

No other bookseller in this country gives new authors a chance to be found and become successful like we desire them too through our support and our efforts.

Created by the passionate vision of duo, Jodie and Brad, the new bookstore represents a place both online and offline where new and local authors can be discovered by readers who seek out quality, intelligent and well-crafted books for their love of reading.


“A serious book about serious parenting while being presented in the most entertaining and enlightening way from a real hands-on parent and a speaker for the future of our next generations…Brett is the champion our future needs and what our present desperately wants to learn…5 stars…Brilliant…” Colin, Indiebook Reviewer




“Look out George Lucas… Sci-fi has a new author of talent and WOW, what a great first book for a series…thoroughly enjoyed and cannot wait for the second part…excellent…” – Anthony, Indiebook Reviewer





“A work of veritable integrity and valued history that needed to be recorded concisely and honestly. A great piece of work…” Richard, Indiebook Reviewer.





“An emotional journey of life, love and faith that made me smile, weep and exclaim all in the same moment…a treasure of humanness and humility from a woman who is stronger than many of us combined to endure…loved this book…” Bethany, Indiebook reviewer





“A wise and intelligent entry into fiction from a new author. Mike has created a paradox that is believable and enjoyable to journey into and follow the character’s adventure…great first novel and a good read…” John, Indiebook Reviewer





“A coming-of-age story blended with wonderous and enlightening places and beings that create an overall tale of enjoyment that Lewis Carroll himself would love…well done on this exceptional book and I do look forward to continuing the story with Darcy soon…” Amanda, Indiebooks reviewer





“A book of awe and admiration, mixed with humility and sadness as the pages flick by in a myriad of prose by a talented story-teller and lover of the stories told. A true Australian gem for the future to be reminded of what it is to endure and from where the spirit of this country truly arose…5 Stars.” -Thomas, IndieBook reviewer.