Mercure vaccination clinic to close

April 27, 2022 BY

After more than 12 months keeping the region safe from COVID-19, the Community Vaccination Clinic at the Mercure is set to close.

THIS week, the Community Vaccination Clinic at the Mercure will close its doors after more than a year of vaccinating members of our community against COVID-19.

While COVID-19 vaccinations will still be available at 18 Drummond Street (opposite the Base Hospital), Grampians Public Health Unit is looking back at the amazing efforts of all the team members and organisations who contributed to the Community Vaccination Clinic’s success.

More than 234,488 vaccinations have been administered across the Grampians region since Grampians Public Health Unit vaccination program commenced in March 2021.

Grampians Public Health Unit’s Senior Epidemiologist and Analyst Julia Hofkes said the Grampians region has seen a much lower incidence of COVID-19 infection since the start of the pandemic which could be put down to the regional work of the Grampians Public Health Unit along with the numerous agencies which have worked together to protect the health of our community, combined with the efforts of so many who have come out to get tested and vaccinated again and again.

“We’ve seen really good vaccination rates in the Grampians region, fairly consistently, our vaccination rate has been higher than the state vaccination rate,” said Ms Hofkes.

“We consistently are one of the leading regions for vaccination across the state.

“The combination of our high vaccination rates with the fact that we didn’t see a very significant COVID peak until after December 2021 means that when COVID spread, people were vaccinated and that is one of the main reasons why we’ve seen fewer deaths and hospitalisations here.”

The Grampians region has reported the second lowest hospitalisation rate per population in Victoria.

Grampians Public Health Unit has thanked the Mercure team for their efforts and assistance over the past year.