Playtime Books is turning two!

February 10, 2022 BY

Jodie Kellett launched Playtime books for little readers two years ago.

THE year started in a normal enough fashion, with the expectation of developing a publishing business around high-quality children’s books for schools and libraries and families around the world to enjoy.

The small team knew it would not be easy and their brave and talented leader, Jodie Kellett, was determined that these new authors would have a shot at their dreams and be found by reader’s and lovers of great books across the globe.

Their task was never going to be easy as building a new brand in a competitive marketplace is one of the hardest things to do but Jodie believed in her team and her authors and was supported by the knowing that her love of children enjoying and learning would bring the goals to fruition.

The quality of the exceptional books is also combined with the talents of local artists and all the books are created with great care and focus to then also be printed here in Ballarat by Revolution Print.

Jodie is very proud that they have stayed local and building a local business network for all involved is wonderful for the growing need in the community.

The media of 3BA and Times News Group has been a great support and with the opening of the small Independent Bookstore in Skipton Street, things have been reflected in the local community and Jodie and the team are over the moon this is working the way they planned two years ago.

The global response to the brand of books has been very favourable and aided by the exceptional price point for recommended retail price sales, the selection of children’s books from Playtime is impressive and the seeds of success are clearly well planted for the future.

“The simplest joy is the smile on a child’s face as they read through a Playtime book,” said Jodie.

The authors are also in full support and very proud of the efforts Playtime has made to bring them to the market also.

They know it is hard to be a new author in this world and know the help given to them has been invaluable to their success.

Now, it is the second birthday of Playtime books, and with the new list of releases coming for March and through 2022, the next big things to happen for the little books that could is very exciting and Jodie thanks everyone in Ballarat for being so supportive and hopes the next year will be a rising success as many children will fall in love with the wonderful books available now and to come soon.

“I am often humbled by how supportive people and businesses can be for our little publishing brand, but I am also inspired by this and will always strive to be better because of it…” Jodie explains with conviction that rises in her words.

We wish Playtime books a happy second birthday and look forward to the years ahead for this little Ballarat publisher.