Why detecting skin cancer is key

October 10, 2021 BY

Experts at Golden Plains Skin Cancer Clinic can examine your skin in detail and check if there are any signs of cancer.

GOLDEN Plains Medical Centre aims to provide the highest quality of healthcare to you and your family.

We are dedicated in promoting well-being and disease prevention within the Golden Plains Shire and the surrounding communities.

We pride ourselves on our services and our doctors’ passion to pursue excellence in medicine and surgery through their work.

Golden Plains Skin Cancer Clinic aims to provide the highest quality skin cancer services, dedicated to delivering effective, quick and low-cost access to diagnosis and treatment.

Driven by a passion to make a difference and the vision of “we are all about your skin”, the health and happiness of our patients are at the forefront of everything we do.

We will address your skin concerns with expert consultations, accurate diagnoses and personalised treatments. We do our very best to exceed your expectations by delivering the highest standard of care and most importantly, the utmost peace of mind.

Sometimes, you might feel stressed about your skin’s health and wellbeing. But there is something you can easily do.

Getting regular check at skin cancer clinic in Geelong at our clinic can help you in staying proactive and alert about the health of your skin. Our experts at Golden Plains Skin Cancer Clinic examine your skin in detail and check if there are any signs of cancer.

Prevention and early detection is a prime factor which helps to fight the risk of skin cancer and includes protection of your skin from harmful sunrays through applying sunscreens and appropriate clothing.

However, with severe UV radiation, it is not possible to ensure 100 per cent prevention of skin exposure to harmful rays.

Hence, the second factor of early detection becomes an important one. With early check-up through experts, you can make sure that any changes on your skin are spotted quickly which make it easy for you to seek necessary treatment.

At Golden Plains Skin Cancer Clinic, we are dedicated to carry out comprehensive examination of your skin and keenly check whether there are any malignant moles on your skin.

For this, you only need to schedule an appointment with us and book a skin cancer check at our Geelong clinic.

While appearing for the skin cancer check, ensure that you have not applied any spray tan or make up on your skin. During this check-up, our highly trained experts will carry out a full body examination which will take up to 15-20 minutes.

In case you have a specific concern, you can ask your doctor to focus and check the specific mole or spot.

For booking an appointment at Golden Plains Skin Cancer Clinic Geelong, you just need to call us and schedule an appointment.


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