Artists skill-up with workshops

September 25, 2021 BY

Working collaboratively: Previous workshops saw Meredith Music Festival’s Christopher Wallace discuss the event’s history and long-term partnerships. Image FILE

SIX interactive ArtsACTION professional development opportunities are being offered to creatives.

The free Zoom workshops are designed to help artists strengthen skills in networking, activating their career, and finding, reaching and growing their customer market.

The first session, Being Market Ready, will explore creatives’ credentials, planning, help them improve their portfolios and clarify their artist voice, and skill them up to face new opportunities.

The Working Together Effectively course will look at collaboration and teamwork, and ways artists can practice this, how to manage their groups positively, and then generate more opportunities, for now or down the line.

The Digital Communities workshop is all about finding the right online base for a creative, their style, and business, and how to work in a digital community, manage e-commerce, grow engagement, and refine success strategies.

A workshop series begins on Wednesday, 6 October at 10.30am, running regularly until November. Another group will start on Thursday, 7 October from 5pm.

The third group will start on Wednesday, 23 February 2022 at 10.30am, and the fourth on Tuesday, 1 March at 4pm.


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