Monthly cabaret magic returns

September 21, 2021 BY

In full bloom: Ballarat Cabaret Festival performer and organiser Issie Hart is getting ready to take this year’s event online. Photo: CHIPPY RIVERA

AFTER making the hard decision to call off this year’s in person events, the Ballarat Cabaret Festival is making a comeback with monthly online interactive shows.

The events, titled Szalon, are being co-ordinated by cabaret artist and opera singer Issie Hart and she said the new independent festival was full of “magical and engaging” art styles, from paired-back traditional singing with a piano accompaniment, to comedic and variety performances.

As part of the experiences, audiences will be welcomed into the lounges of cabaret artists for small, intimate virtual performances over the next three months.

“I’m hosting with the beautiful Ballarat cabaret artist Nellie Minnelli. We will have at least three guests each month, and a few extra silly surprises,” Hart said.

“Janet McLeod is our Zoom tech, and an incredible performer and comedian that will be seen on screen and interacting with the audience. It will be an interactive and inclusive show to give the feel of being in the room, rather than just a video of performers.

“We’re encouraging those coming along to our Szalon to dress up fabulously, make their own cocktails at home, and bring their pets along. We want the audience to be there with us and be together as a community.”

The Ballarat Cabaret Festival’s 60-minute Szalon shows will be held on the last Saturday of September, October and November at 7pm. Organisers are hoping to also offer an after-party experience.

“The local arts and creative community is so vibrant and wonderful, so it will be a beautiful place to be,” Hart said.

Visit for individual, household, patron, or pay-it-forward tickets.

The Ballarat Cabaret Festival team is planning to stage a full weekend of in-person live performance events in November of 2022.

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