Buninyong CWA about community spirit

April 13, 2024 BY

Chat, cook, create: Lisa Cressey and Sonya Sutcliffe are leading the charge to bring the traditions and fellowship of CWA back to Buninyong. Photo: FILE

BUNINYONG is home to a Country Women’s Association of Victoria branch once more.

The new Buninyong CWA’s first meeting was held last weekend at the Buninyong Community House and president Sonya Sutcliffe said the goal is to establish a group that’s all about friendship, fun, and community spirit.

“Whether you’re passionate about crafting, cooking, or simply connecting with others, the CWA offers something for everyone,” she said.

“A few people may think it’s going to be just about scones, but it’s going to be about much more than that.

“Come along and be part of a tradition that enriches lives and strengthens communities.”

Twenty-five people were part of the club’s first meeting, and a further 10 to 15 people said they intend to join Buninyong CWA but were not able to attend last weekend.

The plan is to meet one Thursday night a month for a meeting, followed by a session for crafters.

Monthly day meetings, workshops and dinners are also set to be part of the Buninyong CWA calendar to cater to all interests and schedules.

“People are looking for connection and socialisation, and there are opportunities here,” Ms Sutcliffe said.

“In our community, we’ve had a rough couple of months, and the CWA has great values about empowering each other and caring for others.

“It’s nice to get out in a safe space, pursue interests that we have, and try some new things, and down the line, we can raise a bit of money to support our community as well.”

Ms Sutcliffe said the Buninyong Community House is an ideal initial venue, but if the group is to grow, they will need to find a bigger home.

“We’re pretty excited,” she said.

Buninyong CWA is the 10th branch in the Ballarat district, with Scarsdale as its “buddy branch.” Membership is $41.75 for six months.

Due to an aging cohort and ill health, it’s understood that the former Buninyong CWA folded about eight years ago.

Contact Ms Sutcliffe on

0417 168 456 or fellow founding member Lisa Cressey on

0408 116 202 to get involved.