Corner store a photography hang-out

January 29, 2022 BY

The camera man: David Bailey has all the supplies a photographer needs at his new shop. Photo: EDWINA WILLIAMS

IN June of 2021, photographer and trainer David Bailey decided he wanted a new business challenge.

Securing a shopfront on the corner of Rubicon and Albert streets in Sebastopol, Bailey has established his own “photography hub.”

David Bailey Photography & Training not only has a studio for portraits, and a space to train people, but a retail space. Bailey is ensuring Ballarat still has a camera shop.

“I’ve got new cameras, and exceptional second-hand cameras, some of which have only had 200 photos taken on them,” he said.

“I sell lenses, film, Australian-made glass frames, camera bags, tripods, filters, and batteries. I develop film as well.

“Numerous people have come in looking for film and developing, otherwise they would have had to travel to Melbourne or Geelong. I’ve sold three cameras for people who were on their way to Melbourne but didn’t have to because I have cameras in store here.”

Bailey offers three courses, from a basic introduction to photography, through to a complete course, including landscapes, portrait lighting, still life, and using reflective glass.

“It’s ideal that people have their own equipment. If someone’s purchased a new camera, it’s sparked a passion and they want to learn more about it, the courses are great,” he said.

A professional photographer for nearly 14 years, Bailey’s expert areas are corporate, wedding and portrait photography.

Since he decided to take the next step, the community has “rallied around” and supported him.

“I’m having numerous return customers that are just amazed at what I’m able to offer in the current COVID environment, and because I used to teach photography many moons ago, many old students are not coming through, so it’s great to reconnect,” Bailey said.

“If people are not sure where they’d like to take their photography they can pop in here, have a look and a play with what I’ve got here, rather than just seeing a picture online.

“I’ve got coffee and a lounge area as well. It’s a hang-out spot for people who enjoy photography to talk about it.”

Visit 2 Albert Street Sebastopol, what was “the old pink building,” or dbphoto.com.au.