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May 13, 2021 BY

Helping: Bobby Mehta, founder of Support Motivate Serve, in running a fundraiser to support those in India effected by COVID-19. Photo: BAYLEY COCKING

AS India battles a growing wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, community groups are helping to raise funds for the struggling nation.

With the number of newly reported cases in India rising from about 65,000 a day on 1 April to about 370,000 in 24 hours recently, funds are desperately needed to assist the South Asian country.

In partnership with CARE Australia, founder of not-for-profit group Support Motivate Serve, Bobby Mehta, has kicked off the SMS India COVID Appeal.

Mr Mehta said India is “pretty much suffocating”.

“The health system over there is overwhelmed,” he said. “The second wave is causing devastation, death, destruction. It’s ripping families and communities apart.

The appeal hopes to raise $20,000, which will be donated to CARE Australia, a humanitarian aid agency that assists with disaster relief efforts.

Mr Mehta said the money will be used for many things.

“Getting oxygen to India is one thing,” he said. “But if there are no available hospital beds, then what’s the point in getting oxygen to India?

“This money will be used for pretty much everything, like PPE, medication, staffing.”

More fundraising events are currently in the works, such as a movie fundraiser sponsored by Regent Cinemas, a badminton charity challenge, a pickleball battle, and a basketball charity match at the Minerdome.

Mr Mehta said if you can’t donate, spread the word.

“Word of mouth is so important with fundraisers like these,” he said. “If you’re unable to donate, share the link on Facebook, tell your friends and family about it.

“The more people that know about this appeal, the more help we can offer.”

To donate to the SMS India COVID Appeal, visit

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