Asset plan out for feedback

May 12, 2022 BY

Bridging gaps: Golden Plains Shire mayor Cr Gavin Gamble said the municipality’s upkeep of assets like bridges is a priority. Photo: FILE

THE Golden Plains Shire’s draft Asset Plan 2022-2032 is now publicly available for residents to view and comment on.

The document set to be a guide for the management, upkeep, and development of assets including roads and footpaths, bridges, curbs, drains, car parks, municipal buildings and spaces over the next 10 years.

Golden Plains Shire mayor Cr Gavin Gamble said keeping the Shire’s assets at their best is a priority.

“Golden Plains is a very large Shire and it’s a challenge to ensure that council’s many different assets are maintained to meet the standards of the community, working within council’s budget,” he said.

“Over the next 10 years, council plans to spend $213 million on infrastructure assets including $81 million to maintain existing assets to ensure they are safe and functional, $57 million for replacement of assets that are reaching the end of their life, and $75 million to meet growth or additional future demand.

“The draft Asset Plan 2022-2032 identifies that this financial commitment will fall short of meeting the needs of assets maintenance and development in Golden Plains Shire by $84.7 million over the next decade.

“While this figure is concerning, it is good strategic planning that has highlighted this issue which council will act upon to continue to ensure that assets under our control are safe, fit for purpose and meet the needs of our growing communities.”

Visit goldenplains.vic.gov.au/consultations to read the document and submit feedback before Wednesday, 18 May. Councillors are expected to adopt the final plan at their Tuesday, 28 June meeting.