Drawing the community together

July 1, 2022 BY

Early sketches: The Meredith Urban Sketchers Group has held three outings since forming. Photo: SUPPLIED

AN new art group is encouraging people to pick up a pencil, get outside and explore.

Formed in early April, the Meredith Urban Sketchers Group meets on the second Tuesday of every month, and founder Amanda Hyatt said their outings are primarily a social experience.

“The group can go with whoever and wherever they want to for the day. Some will go together, others will go to the subject they want to paint,” she said.

“There’s a real community spirit to this already. It’s a very relaxing thing to do, and it’s amazing to see what comes out of everyone when they do it.

“It’s a mixed bag of experience and age. There’s no competition involved, and after two hours everyone gets together and praises each other’s work over a coffee.”

A professional artist of over four decades, Hyatt has lived at She Oaks for 10 years and was inspired by the worldwide urban sketching movement to form a local initiative.

The group meets outside the Meredith Community Centre at 10am, with some the subjects including landmarks like the town’s railway station, and general store.

Outings have grown to 10 people, and the group’s next subject will be the historic town of Steiglitz for their get-together on Tuesday, 12 July.

Hyatt said she hopes to hold an exhibition of everyone’s works at the Meredith Community Centre.

With experience in outdoor painting, she said getting outside with like-minded people is her favourite part about the outings.

“There’s so many benefits for this in terms of mental and physical healthy, and it’s promoting getting the community together,” she said.

“You’re out in the environment, you’re not closeted in a studio, and anyone can just come out and give it a go.”