Empowering parents with first aid

January 30, 2019 BY

Finding her calling: Ballarat mum of two, Linnea Byrne was inspired to become an infant and child first aid educator after becoming a parent. Photo: EDWINA WILLIAMS

PARENTMEDIC – a movement designed to educate people in first aid and CPR for infants and children – is available in Ballarat.

Offering affordable, accurate, up-to-date training sessions for parents and carers, participants will learn the correct ways to give CPR and first aid to young children and gain confidence.

CPR and airways, choking, burns, febrile convulsions, temperature control, poisons, head injuries, allergies, anaphylaxis and rashes will all be covered.

Ballarat based Parentmedic ambassador, Linnea Byrne hopes the program will “empower parents when facing an emergency…and save some lives.”

“I’m a mum of two beautiful little girls, they are my world,” she said. “When my eldest was only a few months old, I heard that a Parentmedic session was being run in Ballarat.

“I learnt skills that are worth their weight in gold. Only a matter of months later, my daughter came down with a severe case of croup.

“Thankfully from the knowledge I had gained, I was able to act quickly and may have even saved her life.”

When Mrs Byrne’s second daughter arrived, she wanted to complete a refresher course, but Parentmedic wasn’t readily available in Ballarat at the time.

“I knew then, that I’d found my calling,” she said, and Mrs Byrne hasn’t looked back.

“I love my job. I love the look on people’s faces when their worries are relieved, and they have more knowledge when it comes to looking after their kids.

“They can have confidence when it comes to an emergency and hopefully completely avoid an emergency in the first place. You can’t put a price on a child’s life.”

The public and private sessions are run by Mrs Byrne in Ballarat, around Gordon and Ballan, Maryborough, Beaufort, Ararat and anywhere within an hour’s drive north or west of Ballarat.

People can host private sessions in their homes or a hired venue. Public sessions are run at hired venues, halls, cafes or parks. Parents are very welcome to bring their children along.

Mrs Byrne has her own Facebook forum to further offer resources to parents titled, Parentmedic Ambassador – Linnea Byrne.

“Our aim is to not only provide a wealth of knowledge on the day, but also continued support with great information and accurate updates in first aid.”

Find out more about the global Parentmedic movement at parentmedic.co or at facebook.com/theparentmedicmovement. You can contact Linnea Byrne directly on 0401 402 620.

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