Dinner’s up: Jordi Ellingham in action in his commercial farmhouse kitchen. Photos: ELLA SCANLON

Jed’s kitchen keeping Shire fed

March 4, 2021 BY

MOORABOOL Valley catering business, Fed by Jed has found a new home-delivery focus.

The team of Jordi Ellingham, Ella Scanlon and Darcy Scanlon have discovered just how many people in the Shire area are challenged when needing to organise healthy, fresh, balanced meals for themselves.

“We knew we couldn’t keep up with the demand of delivering hot food to people, but we thought we could help locals, especially older people struggling to get to the supermarket, delivering hearty, ready-made meals to them to freeze or keep in the fridge to heat when they needed,” Mr Ellingham said.

“We’ve always been known for healthy-sized portions, making sure people were well fed at a reasonable cost. We’ve built up our menu, which the local council has shared.”

An experienced chef, Ellingham originally trained in an Asian restaurant in his home country of Ireland.

He said he’s been he’s been “touched” by the feedback he’s received throughout the roll-out of the latest Fed by Jed venture.

“Our clients are loving the variety, that’s my forte, and some of our older clients are even getting two meals out of one.

Fed by Jed aim to take the stress out of organising dinners, offering healthy family-friendly meal portions.

“It’s not just roast meats and gravy, like Meals on Wheels-style. We’ve expanded over all different types of cuisines,” Ellingham said.

“We’ve had customers that have ordered every week since we started this last year, and love that they don’t have to stress about cooking anymore. We’ve taken the worry out of it.”

Younger clients have also taken the opportunity to be Fed by Jed, enjoying the opportunity to spend time with their family, take a weekend off from cooking duties, or prepare their meals ahead of the work week.

The business’ Meal Prep Monday line launched a month ago, providing convenient meals for the calorie conscious.

“They’re healthy, tasty options with variety, and our menu is changing every couple of months to keep it fresh for people.

“It’s not a frozen, microwaved meal, but fresh-cooked food by us; trained chefs,” Ellingham said.

“They’re our favourite recipes we eat all the time, and that’s why they’re on offer.”

In 2021 Fed by Jed are looking to maintain their home meal service, while they reintegrate catering as COVID-safe events return.

“We’re exploring the idea of a future premises that people can come to, extending our family-run brand which is about, good, cooked, hearty, family-friendly meals from our country farmhouse kitchen, just with that chef’s twist on it.

“Hopefully, we’ll also be a part of the Bannockburn Chamber of Commerce as we’re closely linked with the town, not living too far,” Ellingham said.

“We’re excited to be more involved in the local community, trying to encourage strength among the local businesses, because we know we’re stronger together, and that’s something we want to be a part of.”

Visit facebook.com/fedbyjedcatering to find out more.