Fine idea feeds those is need

December 2, 2021 BY

Meals on wheels: Libraries in the Shire, including the mobile service, are taking donations as part of the GRLC’s Food for Fines. Photo: FILE

GEELONG Regional Library Corporation, the organisation that runs both the Bannockburn Library and mobile service that travels across Golden Plains, has come up with a novel approach to the pesky issue of overdue fines.

Until Friday, 10 December, all GRLC libraries will waving late fees for people who donate non-perishable food items as part of a campaign called Food for Fines.

The donations can be made at any GRLC branch, or the mobile library, and will go to the Geelong Food Relief Centre.

City of Greater Geelong’s Cr Ron Nelson, who is also GRLC chair, said campaign was a “win-win”, as it helped those experience food insecurity and whipped the late fee slate clean.

“We know that some library members stop visiting their local library because they have accumulated fines,” he said.

“COVID-19 has also meant that people may be out of the routine of getting along to the library. Food For Fines provides the perfect excuse for people to get back to the library, to borrowing books and enjoying library events again.

“At the same time, by making a donation to the appeal you know that you’ll be supporting the amazing work that Geelong Food Relief Centre does.”