Gravel grinding for a good cause

January 24, 2022 BY

Adventure: The 45-kilometre Gravel Grind will be achievable for riders of most fitness levels. Photo: FILE

THE Ballarat Cycle Classic will have the city on two wheels throughout the weekend of Saturday, 19 and Sunday, 20 February.

Offering road races, mountain biking events, family rides and walks, 100 per cent of all money raised will benefit the local Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute.

Ballarat Cycle Classic committee member Tim Canny said the 2022 program includes a new ride on the Saturday; a 45-kilometre short-course gravel ride.

“The Gravel Grind is an exciting introduction that starts at Brown Hill Reserve, goes into the Creswick Forest, and is of a length that’s suited to most people. Ninety-five per cent of it is on gravel roads,” he said.

“First and most importantly, this category is about attracting more people to take part and raise more funds for the Institute, but secondly, it’s about accommodating this appealing discipline of cycling which is absolutely booming in popularity.

“It’s a great adventurous form of cycling because it’s done on roads that are not usually seen, and it appeals to a lot of people because it’s off the main road, and it’s safe, with a lot less risk than mountain biking.”

The Gravel Grind has seen the second-highest number of registrations so far behind the Ballarat Cycle Classic’s 100-kilometre road race.

Mr Canny said the gravel ride will be achievable for most fitness levels and road bikes are not appropriate for the course.

Visit ballaratcycleclassic.com.au for $50 tickets to the Gravel Grind, and more information about the other events on offer.