Grow in business at big day out

February 26, 2024 BY

Resilience: Fiori Giovanni is the 2024 Commerce Ballarat Business Day Out keynote speaker. Photo: SUPPLIED


HOW to face and overcome challenges will be a major theme of this year’s Commerce Ballarat Business Day Out at The Goods Shed on Wednesday 29 May.

The program of learning and ideas is set to feature Fiori Giovanni as keynote speaker who became a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, and human rights activist, having started her life as a child soldier.

“I will delve into the continuous challenges I have faced and how I have overcome them,” Ms Giovanni said.

“Stories like mine have a unique way of connecting with people, offering perspectives on life’s trials and triumphs. Witnessing the raw vulnerability and resilience of the human spirit through such stories allows us to understand our shared humanity and the interconnectedness of our experiences.

“Additionally, this realisation I think also reveals the strength and power that resides within each of us.”

Ms Giovanni said she doesn’t “know it all,” but as an entrepreneur, she understands the current hardships of running a business.

“The heightened costs and arduous business climate have undeniably tested our resilience and determination, therefore my aim is not only to address the importance of resilience but also to share practical steps that can be implemented daily to cultivate it,” she said.

“Adversity is a catalyst for growth and transformation, that there is always a way to leverage challenges into opportunities for advancement and development, and to turn pain into purpose.”

Ms Giovanni said she is looking forward to connecting with likeminded people at Business Day Out who play a key role in making the business community vibrant with their entrepreneurial spirit.

“In 2024, having a strong sense of initiative and an entrepreneurial spirit is not just important, but vital,” she said.

“The pace of change and technological advancements continue to reshape industries and disrupt traditional employment models. Individuals with initiative and entrepreneurial mindset can navigate these shifts with agility, spotting opportunities where others see challenges.

“They will possess the drive to take risks, innovate, and create their own paths to success.

“In a world that demands adaptability, problem-solving, and the ability to embrace uncertainty, initiative and entrepreneurial spirit paves the way for personal growth, economic resilience, and the power to shape a brighter future.”

For those in business feeling burnt out, Ms Giovanni said they’re not alone, but events like Business Day Out are a good opportunity to regroup and meet those on the same journey.

“There is no question that resilience is an indispensable quality for navigating the everchanging and challenging world of business, especially for small business owners and entrepreneurs,” she said.

“However, it is essential for them to acknowledge that it is also normal to feel burnt out and unsure about bouncing back after facing relentless pressures and setbacks over the past few years.

“Take the time to acknowledge how normal and okay it is to have those feelings of doubt. Often, we have so much expectation of ourselves.

“We need to remember that we are human and experiencing doubt about ourselves and our future is a natural part of being human.

“Ultimately, whether we bounce back depends on our willingness and choice to do the work… with ‘choice’ being the keyword. Every day is a new day for us to start all over again and make a different choice.

“In the end, we should take solace in knowing that we always have the power to turn things around at any given point.”

Also booked to speak at the BDO are co-founders of Good Citizens Eyewear, Nik and Harry Robinson, and a senior economist from National Australia Bank’s global markets research sector.

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