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October 1, 2021 BY

Acknowledgment: Passivhaus designer Mia Radic is up for a major award. Photo: SUPPLIED

LOCAL graduate architect and certified Passivhaus designer Mia Radic is a Sustainability Awards nominee.

A contender in the emerging sustainable architect/designer category, the Talina Edwards Architecture team member has been nominated alongside others within the first five years of their career, and those who have impacted and disrupted the design space with the environment at the fore of their creativity.

“I work on several projects in the studio; passive house projects, both new and renovations with clients from A to Z,” she said.

“Talina and a colleague suggested that I should enter this award. It’s not something that I would have thought of doing for myself, but with their support and encouragement I did go for it.

“I was astounded by the fact that other people in the industry are acknowledging the work that I’m doing.”

Passionate about and mindful of the environment throughout every step of an architectural project, Radic’s goal is to create comfortable, sustainable homes that suit each individual client.

“Sustainability is such a hugely broad term that’s hard to define and can be approached in so many different ways; each way as valid as the other. We’re really immersed in that world every day,” she said.

“Here in Talina Edwards Architecture, we tend to focus on really energy efficient, highly insulated, comfortable homes, and tend to work to the Passivhaus standard.

“Through working with the Australian Passive House Association and helping to publish a book on certified Passivhaus buildings, I have been welcomed into this community of likeminded professionals that really care about sustainable, comfortable homes, and it’s a privilege to spread the word to anyone who may be interested in listening.”

The Sustainability Awards presentation will be streamed online on Thursday, 11 November.

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