Pedestrian works flatten concerns

May 12, 2022 BY

Issues lowered: Bannockburn resident Adam McLean previously had to manoeuvre his wheelchair around Milton Street’s median island in favour of going over it. Photo: FILE

BANNOCKBURN’S Milton Street pedestrian crossing near the High Street roundabout has seen an overhaul which aims to provide a more accessible path for pedestrians.

The works were completed late last month and comprised a flattening of the median island for easier access for people in wheelchairs and mobility devices.

The works come after safety issues were raised by residents, and Golden Plains Shire mayor Cr Gavin Gamble said the concerns have been heard.

“Council is pleased to be delivering important safety improvements to Milton Street, Bannockburn, with the modification of pedestrian refuges on the median islands and the upcoming installation of a raised pedestrian crossing,” he said.

“These works follow accessibility issues raised by residents highlighting the difficulty of navigating these crossings in a wheelchair.

“Council is committed to improving pedestrian safety on roads across Golden Plains Shire and will continue to advocate for improvements on the busy High Street in Bannockburn and in many townships across the Shire.”

Additional works wills soon be underway to install a raised pedestrian crossing at Milton Street near the primary school.

Bannockburn local Adam McLean has been advocating for safer crossings around the town’s High Street intersections, and said although the Milton Street crossing is now “a lot safer,” there is still more to be done.

“It’s a small step forward, and now that it’s a flat surface you don’t have to go up and get jolted if you’re in a wheelchair or scooter,” he said. “But it still doesn’t go far enough.

“It’s a step in the right direction but that whole section on High Street still needs to be looked at. They need to take that roundabout out and put lights in and be fair dinkum about safety.”