Pregnancy podcast kicking global goals

December 11, 2023 BY

On air: Dr Patrick Moloney and Brigid Moloney host The Kick podcast, which is proving popular with parents-to-be across the world. Photo: SUPPLIED

A LOCALLY produced podcast discussing all things pregnancy has hit a major milestone.

The Kick, hosted by obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr Patrick Moloney and his wife, health communicator and former podiatrist, Brigid Moloney, has reached more than one million downloads, with listeners in more than 160 countries.

The pair have released 87 episodes since 2019, they share essential information from conception, to birth, and beyond, and aim to have a realistic approach.

“We are thrilled that our podcast has already reached over one million people and look forward to connecting with another million listeners in the near future,” Dr Moloney said.

“We aim to empower parents-to-be with a clear understanding of the pregnancy journey, minus the medical jargon, and provide insights into the real experiences.

“We believe it’s crucial to share relatable information to help women anticipate the unique aspects of pregnancy and childbirth, as these experiences can vary greatly from person to person.

“Traditional antenatal classes often focus solely on the birthing process and may assume a straightforward vaginal delivery.

“However, pregnancy encompasses 280 days, and our podcast, along with our online pregnancy program, aims to comprehensively prepare first-time parents for the complete pregnancy and childbirth experience.”

The couple are the founders of Ballarat Women’s Clinic, and Dr Moloney has been part of the delivery of 4000 babies within 13 years.

They have four children of their own and run an online pregnancy and birth program called GrowMyBaby.

“While there is a wealth of information available online, not all of it is reliable or up to date,” Dr Moloney said.

“Our mission is to ensure women receive current, evidence-based, and realistic information to better prepare them for their journey.”