Breathtaking: Performer and Red Mill Productions co-founder Anna Phalaxis will return to the stage with fellow burlesque acts in late July. Photo: DANIEL LAMECH

THE George Hotel will be overrun by a bunch of bawdy burlesque, cabaret and circus acts at the end of this month - restrictions allowing - in the latest show from local multi-disciplinary collective Red Mill Productions. Red Mill co-founder Daniel “Jagaraj” Lamech said despite the recent lockdowns, because the show is made up of a series of individual acts, a lot of rehearsal and preparation has been able to be completed independently. “Apart from picking a date and hoping that we can go ahead, and then rescheduling if needed, it's not actually been that impactful for us,” he said. “Everyone is so looking forward to it. For some of our performers, it's their bread and butter, it’s their main source of income. “For others it’s a very vital, creative outlet, so it's just as important for them to refill their cup and to be able to do the thing that they love to do.” Lamech said he believes shows like Red Mill Revue! are “incredibly good” for people’s state of mind, whether they’re an audience member or a performer, to be able to get out and do something outside of their “own four walls and the routine of the mundane.” “It's that feeling of not being alone, being together, and putting life on pause for a few hours,” he said. “Just to be able to forget about what's outside of the room and just enjoy themselves, and then go back to life afterwards.” Red Mill Revue! contains partial nudity, coarse language and adult themes, and there’s an age restriction on entry. Subject to change, the show takes place at the George Hotel on Lydiard Street North from 7.30pm to 10pm on Friday, 30 July. Tickets can be purchased via
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