Scottish-French sounds over a whiskey

February 15, 2024 BY

Folk fun: Amie Brûlée and Graeme McColgan met at a festival and have gone onto play music together at many more. Photo: SUPPLIED

A BLEND of multicultural European folk music will liven Kilderkin Distillery this weekend and have visitors on their feet.
The Auld Alliance, a Scottish-French folk duo made up of Graeme McColgan and Amie Brûlée,  played their first-ever show at the venue in early-2023, and are returning on Friday 16 February with a ukulele, double bass, and their voices.
“One year later, we are coming back to make a toast to the alliance with a good Ballarat whiskey,” Brûlée said.
“Drawing inspiration from the rich cultural tapestry of the age-old connection between Scotland and France, the Auld Alliance brings an entertaining blend of upbeat folk songs and beautiful heartfelt ballads from Scotland, Ireland, France, and Australia to Ballarat.
“With a passion for new and old folk music, beautiful melodies and inviting the audience to sing along, Auld Alliance’s warm sounds will transport you across to bonnie Scotland and La Belle France with renditions of CaledoniaLoch LomondLa Vie en Rose and Sur Le Pont d’Avignon.”
The Scottish flavour of the group is expected to complement Kilderkin’s latest venture, a whiskey.
Based in Sydney, McColgan is originally from Glasgow, while Brûlée from Ballarat has French roots.
As an act, they have performed at folk festivals across Australia’s eastern states.
“We met at a festival in Newcastle in late 2022 and with the encouragement of a wee whisky, decided to make some music together,” Brûlée said.
Haggis, celtic and French-inspired toasties, and neeps and tatties will also be cooked up.
The Auld Alliance Duo will perform on Friday 16 February, 7.30pm and visit bit.ly/3Uy9tS5 for tickets.