Shire further split under redraw

November 4, 2021 BY

Split in three: Eureka is set to become the dominate state electoral district in the Shire, but not the only one. Image: ELECTORAL BOUNDARIES COMMISSION

THE number of state politicians representing the people of Golden Plains Shire after the 2022 Victorian election is set to increase by one.

That’s after a process known as a redivision was finalised last week, and it sees the Shire split three ways between the new District of Eureka, Ripon and Geelong.

Yet out of the municipality altogether is Polwarth District and Liberal MP Richard Riordan, with that electorate contracting towards the coast.

Eureka, which is currently known as Buninyong and represented by Labor MP Michaela Settle is set to lose the northern towns of Haddon, Ross Creek, Napoleons, Smythesdale, Scarsdale and Linton.

However, it will pick up everything in the south and west of the municipal boundary including Rokewood, Shelford, Teesdale, and Inverleigh, but not Bannockburn.

Ms Settle noted the importance of the electorate’s name change.

“It’s wonderful that this new seat will be called Eureka as it celebrates one of the most important events in Victoria’s history,” she said.

While she lamented the loss of sections of northern Golden Plains from the electorate, Ms Settle welcomed the opportunity to become further acquainted with areas in the south.

“What I love most about this job is working with communities to understand how I can serve them best,” she said.

“Shelford, Teesdale and Inverleigh are communities I know well, but It will be even better to start working closely with them on the projects that are important to them.

“Haddon, Smythesdale, Scarsdale and Linton will move to Ripon, and I will miss those lovely communities. But I’ll be sure to keep working on the $9 million rebuild of Woady Yalloak’s four campuses.”

Meanwhile, the Division of Rippon has further extended into the region.

The seat was decided by just a handful of votes in 2018, and the electorate has gained locations like Haddon, Ross Creek, Napoleons, Smythesdale, Scarsdale and Linton.

Current member and shadow minister for transport infrastructure, roads, and regional recovery Louise Staley welcomed the changes.

“I am pleased with the outcome of the state seats redistribution,” she said.

“I am looking forward to representing constituents in the new part of Ripon in Golden Plains Shire.

“This area draws many similarities with other areas of Ripon. I am looking forward to representing my new constituents and delivering for them.

“I have a strong record of advocating and delivering for my communities throughout Ripon, from the rural towns to the more urban towns, and I look forward to continuing this work.”

In the south of the Shire, Bannockburn will move into the District of Geelong.

Currently a highly urban seat covering central areas of Geelong city, the redrawn boundary will see a thin corridor along the Hamilton Highway created to link Bannockburn, Batesford west of the Moorabool, Murgheboluc, Gheringhap and surrounds to the new district.

Geelong is currently represented by Labor’s Christine Couzens.

There’s also a slight change to the upper house seat of Western Victoria Region, with Donald, Charlton and surrounds moving into Northern Victoria Region as part of the boundary redraw of Ripon.