Space created for neurodivergent network

February 27, 2024 BY

Supportive: Megan Johnson established the Neurospicy Mamas Ballarat Facebook group in late January after being diagnosed with ADHD last year. Photo: SUPPLIED

WHEN Megan Johnson was diagnosed last year with ADHD while researching the condition for her daughter, she found there was no support network for local neurodivergent mothers.

“There’s lots of support groups that are statewide and lots for parents with children who are neurodivergent, but not a lot for mothers who’ve been diagnosed,” she said.

“There’s a big Melbourne one for mums but I think the city is very different versus country so I put it out there about a group here. Having a shared experience with people can be really good.”

Since establishing the Neurospicy Mamas Ballarat Facebook group late last month, the initiative has grown to nearly 40 members, and Ms Johnson said the aim is to provide a safe space for advice and questions.

“It’s nice to have the space just for women and mums who can share their experiences, tips, and tricks,” she said.

“There’ve been posts from people going on certain medication and asking if anyone has any experience with it. With back to school, I’ve been putting up strategies for things that affect me like executive function.

Currently online-only, Ms Johnson said she’d love to see the group evolve to include informal get-togethers, and appreciates the flexibility of the space.

“The way my brain works, having it all online is great because I can have a thought at 2am when everyone else is asleep, and just throw it out there for the group,” she said.

“People can see it whenever they see it and respond in their own time whereas if I didn’t have that, it’d be oh I should ask someone tomorrow, and I’m not going to remember that.

“In the future, I reckon we’ll have an informal catchup of bring your family and kids to meet at the park and have a chat.”