St Joseph’s opens virtual reality lab

June 7, 2024 BY

St Joseph's College Geelong student Daniel Di Santo tries out the college's VR Lab. Photo: CHARLIE YOUNG

ST JOSEPH’S College Geelong is today (Friday, June 7) officially launching its dedicated Virtual Reality Lab.

The college says the space, which was built at the school’s Edmund Rice campus in Newtown in partnership with leading immersive technology company Lumination, is the largest single VR lab installed in a school in Australia.

The technology enables students to use VR to complement their studies without having to leave the school.

History students can visit the inside of a Pharaoh’s tomb in the Great Pyramid, budding doctors can see blood flow through the human body in a biology class, and future scientists can travel to space and explore forces in action in physics.

St Joseph’s says research has shown using the latest virtual and augmented reality technology for experiential learning across the curriculum results in up to 50 per cent more engagement from students when compared to just the traditional classroom experience.

The college says its new lab is the largest single VR lab installed in an Australian school.


“When we think about the traditional classroom, which remains largely unchanged over the past 100 years, that experience can be quite abstract for some students,” St Joseph’s College head of curriculum Peter Ryan said.

“This resource is fully immersive – this will allow students to explore their world in a way not possible within the bounds of their classroom.

“Students are completely engaged with their learning using this technology.

“It is a fantastic addition for the college and our students will benefit tremendously from it now and into the future.”

St Joseph’s is also making the VR Lab available to the broader school community to make use of the innovative technology.

The lab includes the same technology used for training in the energy, renewables and mining sectors to induct, train and upskill staff.

St Joseph’s College worked with immersive technology company Lumination to install the lab.


These training opportunities will be available to students and the broader community through a range of resources that come with the technology.

“I am proud and excited that our students will have access to the SJC Virtual Reality Lab, the largest school-based VR facility in Australia,” college principal Tony Paatsch said.

“This technology will enhance teaching and learning at St Joseph’s and further strengthen our commitment to innovation.”

Lumination chief executive officer James Forrest said its labs were revolutionising education, creating immersive learning experiences, increasing engagement and unlocking new opportunities.

“With this new space, St Joseph’s have made the commitment to prepare their students for a future where AI and immersive technology will be big players in the workforce.

“These students will be forefront leaders in using this technology to innovate, problem solve, and create a better future for all.”