Tree effort for koalas returns

May 27, 2023 BY

Dedicated: Janine Duffy first started planting trees through the Koala Clancy Foundation in 2016 after founding the non-profit the year prior. Photo: FILE

THE second round of sessions in a three-year project aimed at planting thirty-thousand trees suitable for koala habitat between Inverleigh and Bannockburn is starting next month.

The initiative is run by members of the Koala Clancy Foundation with this year’s round of planting set to take place throughout nine days until mid-July.

With a goal of 10,000 trees for 2023, KCF president Janine Duffy said it’s important to make the space suitable for koalas once again.

“This is a big property in Teesdale, in river valley, which should have so many trees in it so we’re putting them back in,” she said.

“The owners and managers approached us because they heard about the work we’ve been doing and were enthusiastic about making a koala habitat.

“Native Hut Creek and Stony Creek have sort of been chipped away of their vegetation and they’re so important because koalas in the Inverleigh common aren’t living with enough.”

Ms Duffy said about 20 hectares of the Teesdale property will be revegetated throughout the project, with waterways given priority.

The types of flora that will be planted include river red gum, manna gum, yellow box, yellow gum, silver wattle, and black wattle.

About 5000 trees were planted last year as part of the initiative’s first round, and Ms Duffy said the community has been eager to lend a hand.

“I’m so impressed by the people around Teesdale,” she said. “So many have gotten in contact wanting to help with this.

“Volunteers also come from Melbourne, Geelong, Bannockburn, all over the place. They’re so keen to get their hands dirty.

“The locals in particular tell me they haven’t seen a lot of koalas lately so I think they know how important this is.”

Koala Clancy Foundation’s first koala tree planting session for 2023 is scheduled for Saturday, 10 June, with tickets at $30 for locals and able to booked via the group’s website.