Unledded gig to fuel Zeppelin fans

February 15, 2024 BY

Arabic flavour: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant’s No Quarter album will be performed locally as part of the Zeppelin Unledded tour. Photo: SUPPLIED

A MUSICAL celebration of, and tribute to, the songs of Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page and Robert Plant is set to fill the Wendouree Centre for Performing Arts.
The No Quarter live album will be performed by a band fronted by vocalist Jimmy Cupples, as part of Zeppelin Unledded: The Page and Plant Years on Saturday 17 February from 8pm.
Guitars, mandolins, bass, and percussion will be played by members of blues rock act King Canyon; James Ryan, Kit Riley and Haydn Meggitt.
Also part of the ensemble are members of Middle Eastern trio ALWAN, Matt Stonehouse, Phil Carrol, and Yuval Ashka, and string musicians Attila Kuti and Karoline Kuti.
“The tour is allowing me to reconnect with an old friend, the late Hossam Ramzy,” percussionist Stonehouse said.
“Hassam was the musical director and percussionist for the original No Quarter album. He was an enormous support to me both as a musician and instrument-maker.
“I hand crafted frame drums for Hossam, and no doubt will be crafting some especially for these shows.”
Tour promoter Nigel Rennard said he was keen to be part of the project as soon as he heard initial details.
“It was an instant yes to promote yet another legendary tour with the addition of Middle Eastern sounds and the string quartet to recreate the long known, to Led Zeppelin fans, influence of this combination on their music,” Mr Rennard said.
The stage is set to be decorated in a Middle Eastern style with draped Arabic fabrics and projections.
Visit bit.ly/3OD9qAF for tickets.