Unsafe trees face the axe

October 14, 2021 BY

Tree change: Six Monterey cypress trees in Inverliegh will be removed after being assessed as unsafe. Photo: GOOGLE MAPS

SIX trees at Inverleigh will be removed next week, after being assessed as a potential safety risk.

The Monterey cypress trees, four of which are located on the Hamilton Highway inbound and two in the Inverleigh Public Camping Reserve, were inspected by an independent arborist and Golden Plains Shire’s arboriculture specialist and found to be in poor condition and at risk of dropping limbs.

Mayor Cr Helena Kirby said removing the trees is a necessary action.

“The cypress tree-lined approaches to Inverleigh are a much beloved feature of the town by both locals and visitors, however, as these beautiful trees age and deteriorate, council does need to take action to ensure public safety,” she said.

“Next week, six of the town’s Monterey cypress trees will be removed that are unhealthy and structurally unsafe.

“The challenge of what to do with ageing Monterey cypress trees is not unique to Golden Plains, and many other councils have had to grapple with how to manage and replace them as they age and become a safety risk.”

The removal of the trees will start on Monday and is expected to be completed by Thursday, 28 October.

The Hamilton Highway will remain open during the works, however traffic control measures will be in place.

Mulch and firewood will be free for residents to collect on each day of the works from 4.30pm.

Cr Kirby said the Shire will form an Inverleigh Tree Succession Plan based on community consultation sessions.

Decisions will be made on what species should replace the cypress trees, what course of action the Shire should take to remove remaining ageing trees, and ideas around potential tree stump sculptures.

“Council will soon go out for community engagement on creating the Inverleigh Tree Succession Plan, and I hope Inverleigh residents will engage with council and take part in this process to replace the much-loved avenue in the near future,” Cr Kirby said.

The trees are expected to be replaced in the first half of next year.

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