CHFNL season fixture set

December 9, 2021 BY

Shire-wide pride: Rokewood and Linton will clash in round two of the 2022 CHFL season, this time in Rokewood. Photo: FILE

AFTER a weeks long process the Central Highlands Football Netball League’s fixture for next year has been set.

While to begin with the schedule is auto-generated, league secretary Diane Ryan said it then went to the clubs for tweaking.

“It takes some time to put together and there’s a lot to be taken into consideration,” she said.

“The fixture is random to start with and then it goes out to the clubs for their input. We had a club that couldn’t possibly have played at home in round one because one of their top senior players was getting married.

“You have to work around all those things.

Next season will round one get under way on 9 April before the Easter break means play pauses for two weeks and resumes on 23 April.

Early match ups to look forward to include the Battle of Golden Plains as Rokewood take on Linton in round two and Dunnstown at home to Hepburn in round three.


Round 1 – 9 April

Beaufort v Springbank

Bungaree v Rokewood

Carngham v Skipton

Creswick v Clunes

Ballan v Hepburn

Daylesford v Gordon

Dunnstown v Buninyong

Learmonth v Newlyn

Waubra – bye


Easter 8-11th April


Round 2 – 23 April

Springbank v Bungaree

Rokewood v Carngham

Skipton v Creswick

Clunes v Ballan

Hepburn v Daylesford

Gordon v Dunnstown

Newlyn v Waubra

Beaufort – bye


Round 3 – 30 April

Bungaree v Beaufort

Carngham v Springbank

Creswick v Rokewood

Ballan v Skipton

Daylesford v Clunes

Dunnstown v Hepburn

Learmonth v Gordon

Newlyn v bye


Round 4 – 7 May

Beaufort v Carngham

Springbank v Creswick

Rokewood v Ballan

Skipton v Daylesford

Clunes v Dunnstown

Hepburn v Learmonth

Gordon v Waubra

Buninyong v Newlyn

Bungaree – bye


Round 5 – 14 May

Carngham v Bungaree

Creswick v Beaufort

Ballan v Springbank

Daylesford v Rokewood

Dunnstown v Skipton

Learmonth v Clunes

Waubra v Hepburn

Newlyn v Gordon

Buninyong – bye


Round 6 – 21 May

Bungaree v Creswick

Beaufort v Ballan

Springbank v Daylesford

Rokewood v Dunnstown

Skipton v Learmonth

Clunes v Waubra

Hepburn v Newlyn

Gordon v Buninyong

Carngham – bye


Round 7 – 28 May

Creswick v Carngham

Ballan v Bungaree

Daylesford v Beaufort

Dunnstown v Springbank

Learmonth v Rokewood

Waubra v Skipton

Newlyn v Clunes

Buninyong v Hepburn

Gordon – bye


Round 8 – 4 June

Carngham v Ballan

Bungaree v Daylesford

Beaufort v Dunnstown

Springbank v Learmonth

Rokewood v Waubra

Skipton v Newlyn

Clunes v Buninyong

Hepburn v Gordon

Creswick – bye


Queen’s Birthday 11 June


Round 9 – 18 June

Ballan v Creswick

Daylesford v Carngham

Dunnstown v Bungaree

Learmonth v Beaufort

Waubra v Springbank

Newlyn v Rokewood

Buninyong v Skipton

Gordon v Clunes

Hepburn – bye


Round 10 – 25 June

Creswick v Daylesford

Carngham v Dunnstown

Bungaree v Learmonth

Beaufort v Waubra

Springbank v Newlyn

Rokewood v Buninyong

Skipton v Gordon

Clunes v Hepburn

Ballan – bye


Round 11 – 2 July

Daylesford v Ballan

Dunnstown v Creswick

Learmonth v Carngham

Waubra v Bungaree

Newlyn v Beaufort

Buninyong v Springbank

Gordon v Rokewood

Hepburn v Skipton

Clunes – bye


Round 12 – 9 July

Ballan v Dunnstown

Creswick v Learmonth

Carngham v Waubra

Bungaree v Newlyn

Beaufort v Buninyong

Springbank v Gordon

Rokewood v Hepburn

Skipton v Clunes

Daylesford – bye


Round 13 – 16 July

Dunnstown v Daylesford

Learmonth v Ballan

Waubra v Creswick

Newlyn v Carngham

Buninyong v Bungaree

Gordon v Beaufort

Hepburn v Springbank

Clunes v Rokewood

Skipton – bye


Round 14 – 23 July

Daylesford v Learmonth

Ballan v Waubra

Creswick v Newlyn

Carngham v Buninyong

Bungaree v Gordon

Beaufort v Hepburn

Springbank v Clunes

Rokewood v Skipton

Dunnstown – bye


Round 15 – 30 July

Learmonth v Dunnstown

Waubra v Daylesford

Newlyn v Ballan

Buninyong v Creswick

Gordon v Carngham

Hepburn v Bungaree

Clunes v Beaufort

Skipton v Springbank

Rokewood – bye


Round 16 – 6 August

Dunnstown v Waubra

Daylesford v Newlyn

Ballan v Buninyong

Creswick v Gordon

Carngham v Hepburn

Bungaree v Clunes

Beaufort v Skipton

Springbank v Rokewood

Learmonth – bye


Round 17 – 13 August

Waubra v Learmonth

Newlyn v Dunnstown

Buninyong v Daylesford

Gordon v Ballan

Hepburn v Creswick

Clunes v Carngham

Skipton v Bungaree

Rokewood v Beaufort

Springbank – bye


Finals – week 1 – 20 and 21 August

Finals – week 2 – 27 and 28th August

Finals – week 3 – 3 and 4 September

Grand final – 10 September