Eureka Cycling Secret Handicap

November 28, 2018 BY

EUREKA Cycling trialled a different race format on Sunday, 25 November. The race was a mass start handicap race, with the riders’ marks kept secret until after the race.

At just 42 kilometres, the race required power riding.

The regular Scratch and Second Scratch riders exploded from the start line in an effort to blow the field apart.

It worked with Rob Ellis and Sam Smith proving to be the strongest riders.

Smith crossed the line first ahead of Ellis, with Richard Taylor, Jason Hendry and Matt Ayres rounding out the top five, before the handicaps were applied to the race times.

Race results (with secret handicaps) – 1st – Graeme Parker (22 min) in 1h 22m, ave. 30.7kph, 2nd – Rob Ellis (2 min), 3rd – Sam Smith (Scratch) 4th – Emma Goodall (18 min) 5th – Richard Taylor (2 min). Fastest Time – Sam Smith (Scratch) in 1h 6m, ave. 38.1kph

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