More: Joel Selwood’s $3000 fine for striking is not enough according to Gary Lyon. Photo: MARCEL BERENS/ SPORTS MEDIA

Lyon calls for tougher MRO sanctions

June 24, 2021 BY

BOTH Joel Selwood and Toby Greene were fined by the MRO for misconduct and striking respectively in round fourteen.

Both are $3000 lighter in the pocket [pending an early plea], but does that sanction disincentivise them from doing it again?

Garry Lyon pushed hard for fines to be introduced for these incidents in the past, but believes the AFL has not gone hard enough.

“[I didn’t call for] $2000 fines, it was $10,000,” Lyon told SEN Breakfast. “[$2000 fines], they don’t make any difference.

“Essentially what they’re saying is listen, if you want to write us a cheque for $3000 you can punch him in the guts.

“It shouldn’t be that way. If you want to punch him in the guts, write me a cheque for $15,000 and same with Joel [Selwood].”

Selwood was sanctioned twice for incidents during Friday night’s win over the Western Bulldogs.

Greene meanwhile received his fine for a punch to the body of Carlton’s Nic Newman.