Studio expands Pilates classes

May 2, 2024 BY

Fitness fun: In May GenkiFIT is beginning to offer barre Pilates classes. Photo: SUPPLIED

THIS month, Smythesdale’s GenkiFIT is expanding its offering to include barre Pilates.

Unlike other forms of Pilates, barre incorporates aspects of ballet and is designed to help improve balance and strength.

“The main difference between barre Pilates and mat Pilates is it’s a fusion between Pilates, ballet and just overall general fitness,” said instructor Jaymee Ellis.

“It uses movements and terms and vernacular from a ballet classes and utilises a lot of things that people will find in a regular Pilates class.

“It’s not high impact, but it’s just that little bit more intense.”

Ms Ellis said this form of low impact exercise can be beneficial, especially for people who are getting back into movement.

“I think the different impact levels have really appealed to the older demographic and new mums, although it’s still very broad,” she said.

“They really appeal to people who didn’t think they could come back into exercise or are a bit hesitant in trying exercise.”

Last month, Ms Ellis launched clubbercise classes which were attended by more the 50 people, and she said she has received wonderful community support.

“It’s been absolutely insane,” she said.

“It’s overcoming another barrier to entry because people see Pilates or dance and they think ‘I can do that’.”

Barre Pilates classes are beginning on Thursday 9 May and cost $5. To book, visit the GenkiFIT website.