The ultimate weekend of frisbee action

April 26, 2024 BY

Audrey Chen (#83 Kaos) stayed focused in the glare of golden hour. Photos: STEVE WOMERSLEY

THE country’s best ultimate frisbee players put on a show at Victoria Park in Ballarat last week.

Ultimate Australia hosted the division one 2024 Australian Ultimate Championships in the regional city over a few days. Four hundred top players were there – including many from the local area, Geelong and Bendigo – as part of 24 national-level teams.

Ballarat local Tony Castrignano (#5 HOS Juggernauts) vs Reagan Turner (#32 Hot Chilly).


Although no Ballarat teams competed, local residents were part of the competition, with Lyra Meehan representing Ellipsis Asterix, Tony Castrignano, Patrick Thorpe, Tiernan Summers, and Fionn Summers with Heads Of State Juggernaut, and Damon Prendergast in Ellipsis Men.

David Evans (#24 Hot Chilly) and Josh Philip (#8 Melbourne Juggernaut) take a leap of faith. Photo: STEVE WOMERSLEY


“Their roots began in Ballarat playing ultimate here, and they’ve gone onto develop further with clubs in Melbourne who have more coaching and resources,” said Ballarat Ultimate president Leah Cushion.

Ballarat’s Patrick Thorpe (#12 HOS Juggernaut) throws off against Hot Chilly. Photo: STEVE WOMERSLEY


“Now they’re playing in some of the best teams in the country, so we’re very proud of them.”

Ms Cushion said the tournament was an ideal opportunity to showcase the region as a disc sports destination.

Eva Weatherall (#46 Ellipsis Asterix) warming up before a game against Brisbane Fuse.


“We’re always looking to grow our leagues and tournaments, get more people involved, and a younger demographic, so tohave an event of this size and level being played in Ballarat only helps to create more awareness about the sport,” she siad.

Eleanor Koning (#62 Brisbane Fuse) vs Ballarat’s Lyra Meehan (#14 Ellipsis Asterix). Photo: STEVE WOMERSLEY


“It also gets more excitement around the sport, more coverage, and hopefully more numbers to join our leagues and tournaments which makes them the best they can be.

Ballarat’s Fionn Somers (#13 HOS Juggernaut) takes a spectacular catch. Photo: STEVE WOMERSLEY


“Vic Park is becoming the home of frisbee, and we have our second home at Mount Xavier with a new course on the way.”

A big team of Ballarat Ultimate members also volunteered at the 2024 Australian Ultimate Championships.

Lyra Meehan from Ballarat (#14 Ellipsis Asterix) warms up on Caretakers Drive. Photo: STEVE WOMERSLEY