Hit for six: two, back-to-back social and pressure-free matches are played weekly. Photo: EDWINA WILLIAMS

Cricket continues in cooler months

June 6, 2021 BY

WOMEN’S Indoor Cricket is back at Major League for the first time in over a decade.

Currently four teams of eight compete in a relaxed competition on Wednesday nights, with matches at 7.20pm and 8.30pm.

Coordinator and passionate cricket-lover Brydie Dickson launched the women’s league in March, offering an inside space where players can continue to have a bat and bowl through the cold weather.

“Major League said if I could get 24 girls to come along and start, they would be happy to have us, so I posted it everywhere that I could. I got over 24 girls to show up to a trial, and most of them have stayed,” she said.

“We play the games one after the other, so we all get to see each other, catch up, and if we need fill-ins for any of the teams, there are people there to help.

“In terms of their experience, we have a big range of girls. Some have never played cricket before and some have played for years, so our teams are an even combination of experienced players and new players, each with a team captain.”

Dickson said Ballarat Women’s Indoor Cricket is a joyful and friendly night for people to be active, rather than a serious competitive space.

“Everyone gets along. We’ve got mums and daughters playing together. We’re all about keeping fit and having fun.

“We need a few more numbers to start a fifth side, so we encourage anyone who is interested in joining to get in touch with us,” she said.

“People are very welcome to come along one night and just have a go. Everyone’s very supportive.”

For more information, call Major League Indoor Sports on 5331 4000.