At any age, financial security is key

February 9, 2024 BY

The team at Strategem are ready and able to help you reach your future goals.

IN today’s fast-paced world, financial stability and well-being are more crucial than ever.

We are encouraging you to make time for your financial future and start the conversations earlier rather than later.

Financial Enlightenment

Starting the conversations around financial planning and seeking advice is an opportunity to focus on managing and improving one’s financial health.

It provides an opportunity for individuals and families to gain valuable insights, strategies, and tools to make informed financial decisions.

Education as Empowerment

As financial advisors, we have a commitment to providing financial education.

It’s not just about stock markets and interest rates; it’s about understanding the basics of budgeting, debt management, savings, and investment.

It’s about sharing our knowledge to make sure you have enough information to ask informed questions and feel confident with your decisions.

Setting Financial Goals and Securing Financial Wellness

One of the cornerstones of financial planning is setting clear and achievable goals.

Whether it’s saving for a dream home, a child’s education, or a comfortable retirement, we encourage our clients to envision their future and craft a financial plan to get there.

We believe that financial success is not solely about amassing wealth but achieving life’s aspirations. It’s important to note, these goals and aspirations are different for everyone.

Set your own goals and you will make your own pathway to achieving them.

A Lasting Legacy

Meeting with a financial advisor is the first step to reaching your financial goals.

It’s an opportunity to have a meaningful conversation and implement strategies to achieve those goals.

We encourage you to take action.

By acting early and having plans in place, you’re not only benefiting yourself, but also your family.

Ask yourself the below questions

1 – Do I have income protection? Would my family be financially supported in the event I was unable to work?

2 – Would my life insurance be enough to financially support my family in the worst-case scenario?

3 – Do I know the fees and investments held with in my superannuation fund?

4 – When do I plan to retire? Will I have enough money to live the retirement I want?

5 – What happens if I needed to go into supportive living or aged care? Could I afford it?

Take a moment this week to review your finances and if you need help with any of the above questions, reach out to a Strategem Advisor.

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